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Best NYC Neighborhoods for Millennials

By: Sam Zherka

The millennial generation is in the news quite often these days and everyone should be paying attention. As time passes, the millennials are the one who will be making major life decisions in the coming years, if they haven’t already. From consumer products to housing, all marketing strategies have been keeping the millennial mindset on the forefront of their plans. The millennial generation is one of the strongest influencers of present time and it speaks volumes in the decisions that they make. All of this being said, there are certain neighborhoods of NYC that are booming with millennials. They are choosing areas that are safe, have good school systems, and eventually, will have room for growth. Check out some of the main locations where you will find plenty of millennials about.

Murray Hill

Though one of the more expensive NYC neighborhoods, Murray Hill is a popular place to reside for the 20-somethings. You can find a mix of cultures, careers, and age ranges in this spot but one of the most prominent groups are the millennials. The crime levels are much lower than most other NYC neighborhoods, which makes for some happy parents of these young adults. Some older millennials who are starting families are choosing Murray Hill as their home, because of the diversity and decent local public schools. It is a great location, with easy access all around Manhattan within a few blocks.


The timeless and (somewhat still) affordable alternative to living in Manhattan. For decades, young people have been migrating to Brooklyn for their cheaper, well, almost everything. While the heart of NYC seems to charge an arm and leg for rent, Brooklyn has managed to keep prices a bit lower. Brooklyn has already developed so much in the past 10 years, with subset neighborhoods of its own making their way up the popularity charts. From Williamsburg to Flatbush, there are plenty of opportunities for millennials to find a place to call their own. Plus, Brooklyn still gives you that big city feeling without as much hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

Check back for more of the best NYC neighborhoods for millennials soon!

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