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Way to Get Involved in Your Community

By: Sam Zherka

Supporting your community in whatever way you can and helping others is truly a great thing. Being an active member of my community I have mentored young people, been involved with humanitarian organizations, and provided local employment and housing. I can’t impress enough the importance of staying involved in the place you are living and helping your neighbors, friends, and strangers in whatever way you can.

Look For Local Events and Charities

Donating your time is a great way to give back to your community. One of my favorite experiences has been not only donating toys for children in medical facilities but also dressing up as Santa and handing out gifts to them. Donating your time can be as simple as volunteering one day a month in your local soup kitchen or even helping out at a local event or handing out water bottles at a local race. Everyone is busy, but it is important to find time to give back.

Find Something You’re Passionate About

Think about what you are passionate about or what you would like to see happening in your community, then get involved with that cause. My father always said, “whenever you see something bad happening to your neighbor, you can’t think that it won’t happen to you. You must confront bad things before the bad guys come knocking on your own door.” It is up to you to make sure that your community is turning into something that you want to see, you can’t just sit around waiting for others to make it happen. If you love sports, donate your time to coaching local youth. If you love to read, donate time or money to your local library and to after school reading workshops. We need to support others in whatever way we can, and creating a community that you are proud of is important.

Helping Even One Person Makes a Difference

You don’t have to be involved in a big nonprofit in order to make a difference. Even helping out one individual in need can have a huge impact. Being involved in real estate, I’ve provided homeless in need free housing and have helped others with financial assistance. Use the skills that you have that make you successful and apply them to helping others whether that be mentoring someone who needs help, providing them food and shelter, or giving them a job or even personal reference to get a job.

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